Sold kittens of breed the Canadian
sphynx from acclaimed producers

Litter Adate of birth: 10.01.2013

Canadian SphynxFather G.I.Ch. Bredberry Geniality Canadian SphynxMother Milisson Molly (G.I.Ch.)

Moon Kiss Abigelfemale

Moon Kiss Abigel Color: Seal tabby mink becolor (n 21 32 03). Sold. Photo

G.I.Ch. Moon Kiss Alanmale

Moon Kiss Alan Color: blue lynx (tabby) point/whait ( 21 33 02). Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Aramismale

Moon Kiss Aramis Color: seal mink becolor (n 32 03). Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Athosmale

Moon Kiss Athos Color: seal point becolor (n 33 03). Stays in cattery. Photo