Sold kittens of breed the Canadian
sphynx from acclaimed producers

Litter I16.11.2013

Father G.I.Ch. Bredberry Geniality Mother G.I.Ch. Millisson Molly.

Canadian Sphynx. Litter I

Moon Kiss Irvinmale

Moon Kiss Irvin Color: blue tabby mink with white ( 21 32 03). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Imaneyfemale

Moon Kiss Imaney Color: seal tabbies mink with white (n 21 32 09). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Iriskafemale

Moon Kiss Iriska Color: seal tabbies mink bicolor (n 21 32 03). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Izuminkafemale

Moon Kiss Izuminka Color: seal mink harlequin (n 32 02). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Izabelfemale

Moon Kiss Izabel Color: seal mink becolor (n 32 03). Sold Photo