Sold kittens of breed the Canadian
sphynx from acclaimed producers

Litter OOur first litter. Date of Birth: March 2, 2010

Mother I.Ch Baby Rah Britania Father G.I.Ch. Bredberry Geniality

Orange Moon Kiss

Orange Moon Kiss Color: Red Mink (d 32). Sold in Ryazan. Sunny saffron. The largest cat in the litter. Photo

Odetta Moon Kiss

Odetta Moon Kiss Color: Black tortie mink (f 32). Sold to Vladivostok. The most tender girl in a litter. On pens ready to sit the whole day. Purring and cute. Photo

Olf Moon Kiss

Olf Moon Kiss Color: Seal mink with white (n 32 03). Sold to Austria. Hooligan and Rogue the most playful of the litter. Freedom-loving boy first began to jump out of the arena and toss in the apartment. Purrs the loudest Photo

Olisha Moon Kiss

Olisha Moon Kiss Color: Black tortie with white (f 03). Sold to Poland. The brightest girl in a litter born dyed. Plant and bully, a desperate jumper. Photo