Sold kittens of breed the Canadian
sphynx from acclaimed producers

Litter Gdate of birth: 19.11.2013

Father G.I.Ch. Milisson di Hugo Boss Mother I.Ch. Baby Rah Britania.

Canadian Sphynx. Litter G

Moon Kiss Grait Choco Dreammale

Moon Kiss Grait Choco Dream Color: chocolate with white (b 03). Stays in cattery Photo

Moon Kiss Golden Boymale

Moon Kiss Golden Boy Color: red (d). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Graysfemale

Moon Kiss Grays Color: seal point (n 33). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Gloriafemale

Moon Kiss Gloria Color: torty (f). Sold Photo

Moon Kiss Gledisfemale

Moon Kiss Gledis Color: seal point with white ( n 33 09) Sold Photo