Sold kittens of breed the Canadian
sphynx from acclaimed producers

Litter Hdate of birth: August 19, 2012

Canadian SphynxFather Wanderful Winner (n 32) Canadian SphynxMother Moon Kiss Tusefina (f 03)

Moon Kiss Hunter

Moon Kiss Hunter Color: seal mink tebi bicolor (n 32 21 03). Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Hummer

Moon Kiss Hummer Color: black (n). Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Honey

Moon Kiss Honey Color: (f 03) torty with white. Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Hot Boy

Moon Kiss Hot Boy Color: red. Sold. Photo

Moon Kiss Hope

Moon Kiss Hope Color: seal mink. Sold. Photo

Owner producer Marina V. Kozyrev. Co-Owner Olga Rodionova. Kittens live in Moscow (metro area Novogireevo). Contact phone: 8 495 301 49 59 8 985 340 74 58